The Jade Putter Mallet Design

The overall design is that of a mallet style head.Several various designs were worked on for several years before selecting the one used now. It took some trial and error to get the right size and feel. The shape is intended to put the maximum kinetic energy directly behind the ball with a low center of gravity to produce topspin and get the ball rolling properly.

The putter face is “flat lapped” on polishing machines to produce a mirror like flat surface. The weight of the head, the angle of the shaft and the loft of the face are all within the “standards” of typical putters designs. The weight is the only thing that may vary to any degree due to personal preference.

For more on the actual cutting and polishing process, various videos may be found on Youtube ( or under How It’s Made/jadeputters.

The putter design does conform to the USGA Rules as they allow me to state (decision 93-238) however if any serious money is involved you should verify it with your local USGA representative.