Welcome to Jade Putters

As Featured in the "How it's Made" Program

The Schulte family wishes to express their appreciation for your interest and support of Mike’s business, Wyoming Jade Putters.  Mike truly took pride in making each putter uniquely designed to meet your expectations.  He was never happy until you were satisfied.


We apologize to those customers who have recently contacted him to have a putter made.  Due to Mike’s passing, no more orders will be filled.


Thank you for your understanding and past business.


Jade Putters are formed out of a commercial source of Wyoming Nephrite Jade found in the far reached of Wyoming.  Although Jade is the predominant material other semi precious stone such as petrified wood can be used in the process.  While the head is made out of the various stones, the rest of the putter is made with factory shafts and grips.